Golden Willows

The Golden Willow (Salix alba Vitellina) is so named because of the golden-yellow color of new-grown stems. It can be grown as a shrub and cut back every year. It can be grown as a tree and pollarded, which means that the stems are cut back every year close to the trunk so that every year there is a new, showy growth of the golden-yellow stems. It can also be left to grow as a tree with a large, spreading, round crown.

The strong, flexible stems from this tree are frequently used for various basketry applications.

In addition to being ornamental, the Golden Willow can be used as a screen or for erosion control along streams or ponds or grouped in moist areas.

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Golden Willow
Salix alba "Vitellina"

Growth Rate:

Moisture Required:

Keep moist until established.  Then it is adaptable and hardy.
Sun Required:

Full Sun to Partial Sun

Soil Types:
Prefers an average, medium-to-wet soil.
Hardiness Zones:
2 - 9    See map chart below.
Flower Color:
Grayish-white, inconspicuous, not showy

Foliage Color:

Green with silvery underside
Fall Foliage Color:
Mature Height:
6 - 70 feet
Mature Spread:
6 - 50 feet
Mature Form:
Low-branching, rounded-crown outline.  New growth stems produce the bright golden-yellow color.  Sometimes grown as a shrub and cut back heavily each year.  Sometimes grown as a tree and pollarded, meaning the branches are cut back to the trunk to allow dense growth of new stems in the bright golden-yellow color.