How To Plant Our Trees

Austree soaked and rooted.
Fast Tree Direct - Austree soaked and rooted.

Tree cuttings will be shipped ready to soak in water until root buds appear. If the bottom of the cuttings is dried out in the shipping process, trim with a sharp knife or pruning shear. Cut at a 45-degree angle so as to expose as much surface of the stem as possible and increase the intake of water. Be sure that the buds point up and that you are rooting the correct end! 

Rooting usually takes 7-14 days. As soon as the roots are an inch or more long, plant the cutting in a prepared hole or temporary pot. Dig a hole twice the depth of the root system, place the rooted cutting in the center, and put a mixture of sand, peat, and natural fertilizer in the hole. Carefully fill in around the tree, eliminating any air pockets. Pat the soil down. Keep your trees damp until they have a well-established root system.

Planting the tree in the spot in which you want it to grow is the best choice.  These trees are fast growing with six to ten feet of new growth per year. So by planting them directly in their new home, you will enjoy the beautiful, green, drought-resistant, cold-hardy hedge or shade trees in a season or two.

This is what the roots look like.
This is what the roots look like.

This variety is versatile depending on the manner in which it is pruned.  (See pruning section.) Remember, this is a willow tree.  Do not plant too near foundations, water systems, or septic systems.  They do like a lot of water but do fine on a limited amount of water after they are established.  If the leaves turn yellow and fall, it is usually due to a lack of water, but they probably won't suffer long term.  Putting down a weed block, manufactured or organic mulching with layers of newspaper and grass clippings will keep the moisture in the soil and the weeds off your To Do List.

This beautiful variety does not send out runners or sucker, nor does it have seeds. Pruning your austree hybrid willow will determine the shape of your tree. If you want a shade tree, trim the auxiliary branches from the ground up; never cut more than a third of the branches at a trimming. When the tree has reached its desired height, pinch the top off and you will enjoy the desired shade.