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Welcome to the world of Austrees!

We have been growing Austrees for years, and we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality products and personal service. You can order from us using our online catalog, over the phone, or visit our retail location in Blackfoot, Idaho.

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Fast Trees Direct specializes in growing the Austree Willow Hybrid (sometimes known as the Ausstree) which is the result of thirty years of intense, selective breeding by the Department of Science and Industrial Research of New Zealand.

The Austree has several highly desirable qualities. This tree generally grows up to 15 feet per year and reachs a mature height of 50-70 feet.

The Austree is great when you are in need of a mature tree quickly, and they are inexpensive to buy and grow. Austrees mature quickly into beautiful shade trees. Or you can plant them in rows to create a hedge for privacy and noise suppression. Customers use them as an odor suppression hedge for pig farms, cattle farms, feedlots and poultry farms. Austrees are extremely diverse; you will love the look of the austree and its versatility.

Best of all, they look great and are currently growing throughout the US! Your climate is not that critical; they seem to thrive everywhere in the US.

They mature at about 50 feet, with a width of about 30 feet. They require full to partial sunlight and are adaptable to different soil conditions! They have good drought tolerance after they are established.

"I grow my austree hybrid willows for a natural barrier. They are planted in two rows on my east and west boundaries running north and south providing morning and evening shade. They are alternating, creating a zigzag pattern and a continuous sea of green. The neighbors' horses think that austree hybrid willows are delicious, so we will be "raising the bar" so to speak. The austree hybrid willow is nontoxic to animals, so it is a safe choice for the farm and suburbs. My willows are a beautiful green barrier that soften city sounds, slow the wind, and provide homes for birds. They allow me to pretend I am in the country...


Austree -or- Austree Willow Hybrid
Salix hybrid

Growth Rate:
Fast - 6 to 15 feet per year!
Moisture Required:
Keep roots moist until established.  Then it is adaptable and hardy.
Sun Required:

Full Sun to Partial Sun

Soil Types:
Able to grow in many soils, especially poor soils and those with poor drainage.
Hardiness Zones:
2 - 9    See map chart below.
Flower Color:
Inconspicuous and not showy
Foliage Color:
Fall Foliage Color:
Mature Height:
50 - 75 feet
Mature Spread:
50 - 60 feet
Mature Form:
If planted alone, it can be used in just a few years as a shade tree.  If planted in a single row about 3' apart, it will line a road or drive beautifully in 1-3 years.  If planted zigzagged in double rows about 5' apart, it will provide an effective wind and snow break in 1-3 years.