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Fast Trees Direct specializes in growing the Austree Willow Hybrid, the result of 30 years of intense, selective breeding by the Department of Science and Industrial Research of New Zealand.   The Austree Willow tree, sometimes known as the Ausstree Willow, matures quickly, creates wonderful shade trees and borders, and is one of the best solutions for eliminating erosion or creating a wind/snow break. 

The Corkscrew Willow tree is one of the best family friendly shade trees available.

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Spring is an excellent time to plant the Austree. The root system will develop quickly and the tree is ready to grow up, up, up. Note: Although the Austree is hardy, watering is required in order for the cuttings to root and grow properly.

Austrees provide a "Go Green" fence, rapid firewood, privacy hedges, windbreaks, snow fences, shade, and habitat for wildlife. Since there have been so many fires and floods, consider planting the austree to quickly heal burned landscapes, reinforce hillsides and river banks, and prevent erosion. They can be used to help with quick reforestation and wildlife recovery. Consider replacing your aging Lombardy poplars with the fast-growing austrees. Customers tell us that they use the Austrees as an odor suppression tool for pig farms and hog farms. They also make fast fodder for zoo animals! Austrees are beautiful and fast growing. Austrees have no suckers, no runners and no seeds!

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